Temples You Can Visit In Chittorgarh Fort

Chittorgarh is a beautiful place to visit if you are planning to go for a religious tour. In Chittorgarh Jain temples as well as Hindu temples are quite famous. On the far side the attribute precinct of this fort, depicts the past beginning through with the assorted eras which they have seen.

Temples you Must Visit in Chittorgarh Fort Are:

1) Samadishwara Temple:

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Samadishwara temple comprises of the roof like structure which is very commonly seen in the Jain temples. The temple looks like a lotus. The sculpture of three-headed Shiva is unique. In this temple, the visitors are allowed to take the photographs. Inside the temple, you can see the yantras are written on the walls of a temple. Around this temple, many other small, as well as big temples, also stood there.

2) Kumbhaswami Temple:

This is a beautiful temple with unique sculptures in it. The walls of this temple are elaborately engraved. The image of Krishna and Balaram is now placed in the main holy place and it is decorated with new clothes in a very good manner. In front of this temple, you can visit Garuda Mandapa.

3) Meerabai Temple

You all have heard about Meerabai. Meerabai temple is the main attraction among the religious places in Chittorgarh. Meerabai endures many of the endeavour of violent death by her close relative. This temple is built up just next to the Kumbhaswami temple. The song which is written by Meerabai for Lord Krishna is played in the temple. You will feel peace all over in the temple.

4) Saatbees Jain Temple

The meaning of Saatbees is 27 and this name represents 27 small temples which are present in this one temple. There is a single temple which is present in the centre and all the 26 temples are made up in such a way that it surrounds all the three sides of Saatbees Jain Temple. Every small temple in Saatbees Jain Temple comprises of a copiously engraved silver door which is beautifully designed. In the main temple, the design of circular ceiling is amazing that you can not get your eyes away from them.

5) Saas-Bahu Mandir:

Is this an awful name? Is it really relate to Saas-Bahu? The name of this temple represents that the two temples are standing opposite to each other. The Durga and Annapurna avatar of Devi is seen by the visitors in this temple. This temple is quite famous as for this temple a saying is there that your all wishes are completed in this temple if you request here to complete your wish with full devotion.


The fort of Chittorgarh is just like a small town which is surrounded by the temples all over. These temples usually dedicate the Hindu religion. You can plan a visit with your family to look for the religious places in Chittorgarh. Also, your kids get a chance to learn about the religion and they can enjoy this trip b y looking to the new sculptures which they have never seen yet.


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