Bhangarh Fort-Haunted Fort

Famous Haunted Place In Rajasthan – Bhangarh Fort

If you are a person who loves to explore more and more haunted places then you must visit Bhangarh Fort. You will be amazed after going to this place. The story of Bhangarh is very famous.

Why is this Place Called as the Haunted Place?

Have you ever been to Bhangarh? Are you a ghost lover? If yes then once visit this place. The story of Bhangarh is haunted enough that it will surprise you. This is a story of the curse in which the prince of Ajabgarh named Singhia was very famous Tantrik. The Tantrik is in love with the Rani Ratnavati but the lady did not even like him. A black magic fight between the Rani and Tantrik makes the Tantrik died but during his death, he curse the Rani as well as this fort. According to his curse after some time the whole kingdom had destroyed. No any person is there who left alive. It has been a saying that after the sunset no human is allowed in the fort as if you stay in this fort after evening, you will surely die. Isn’t adventurous?

Temples to Visit in Bhangarh Fort:

As you start walking in the temple you can see there are a lot of temples and sculptures present in the fort.

Temples you Can Visit are:

1) Gopinath Temple:

It is one of the smallest temples in the fort but the position on which this temple is standing it depicts that it was an essential temple that time. When you enter in the fort this is the first structure which you can see. This is just like the other traditional temples.

2) Someshawar Temple:

This is the smallest temple of Lord Shiva. There is a water spring present near this temple. If you went here with your family then your kids might enjoy near this temple as there are a lot fishes in the water spring.

Main Palace of Bhangarh Fort:

The main palace of this fort welcomes the evil energies which make you feel to go away from that area especially when the sun is going to set. There are many of the negative energies that you can feel yourself when you are standing near the palace. There is a small room in this palace which is called as the Ratnavati’s temple but at the present time this room is empty.

Tips for Traveling to Bhangarh Fort:

1) Carry your food with yourself as there is no any place there to have food, only snacks are available for the visitors.

2) The entry to this fort is free of cost so you must stay away from the people who ask you for charges to enter in this fort.

3) You must carry a water bottle with you as there is lot of area to visit and for sure you need water over there.


At last one important thing to know about this fort is never ever try to stay there after evening because it will become dangerous for your life. It is not the saying it is a truth as you went there after sometime you yourself can feel the negative energies around you.


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